Original Painting
Artist Mooni
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 36 (inches)


Name : " Freedom Flight "
Size : 24 x 36 ( inches)

Gallery wrapped canvas, textural and acrylic, resin coated and ready to hang on wall.

I created an excitement and warmth in the straightforwardness of seeing and feeling of flight through parrots.Truly accepted that this painting will change your perspective emotionally. Parrot wants freedom but being a beauty, everyone wants to keep them in a cage. All representing my state of mind, the shimmering love that comes in background everytime i see. Here parrots are considered as feelings that usually suspended in time, kept in a cage and left me wondering that make often forget to breathe the air around us. Beautifully textured impressionism abstracted worked on background, a clear vision of sky, greens, pink, full of harmony and open world.

Why you keep feelings in you? Why you afraid of let not knowing the truth of your personality? Why you are putting on several masks to meet everyone? Why not you real true version of yours?

I have no words to explain how much it means to me. If you are keeping parrot in you then do not make yourself plastic for just to do please society, never pretend with anyone, ignore critics, value your worth, believe in you and take decisions from your heart because it will take you in a long way. I feel less alone, less silly for being so emotional, empowered, braver, happier, lighter and supportive. Coated with resin all over gave my vision a higher fly.



**We try our best to represent the colors as accurately as we can. Please note that colors will look different depending on lighting scenarios. We have pictured both warm and cool lighting.


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Freedom Flight

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